3D Printed Mini Tricopter

Ready for a new review!  I like the Trifecta but there’s a lot of stuff that I don’t like about it.  I believe that this 3D printed mini tricopter is near perfect. I wanted an FPV racer, but also something that would stand out from the masses of other minis out there.  I will be going with the 280mm as I prefer the 6” prop for the extra power they produce! The flight controller, ESCs, FPV gear, and battery are all internally mounted, making for a very clean build.  Here’s the complete specs:

  1.   Multistar Elite 2204-2300KV Multi-Rotor Motor 2xCW and 1 CW
  2.  Gemfan 6×4.5 Props
  3.  Afro ESC 12amp Ultra Lite x 3 Flashed with BLHeli
  4.   Zippy Compact 1300mah 25c
  5.   Naze32 Flight Controller Cleanflight with Oneshot125 enabled
  6.   TG-9e Tail Servo
  7.   Aomway Mini 200mW VTX and FPV Tuned 600TVL Camera Combo (NTSC 2)
  8.   OrangeRx R110XL 2.4Ghz Satellite Receiver (long antenna version)



  1. Clean look.
  2. Run quiet


  1. The electronic get warm inside the fuselage, I suspect as the weather warm up, I may have to add cooling vent…
  2. The way 3d printer work, it’s can break clean in the flat axis that it was printed.  Maybe if carbon fiber was added in the structure, it would improve the strength,  I’ll see in crash…

If you are interested in getting one, just PM Rocketman1092 on RC Groups…


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Cleanflight PID-1

Cleanflight PID-1 as 27 Feb

5 minutes hover flight 2d Graph

5 minutes hover flight 2d Graph