Electrolyte Micro EDF Jet

Ok, I was planning to just do mini quad-ish reviews, but my passion is for all RC in general…  So I present you the Electrolyte, a model that was design originally by US designer Dr. Bret Becker and sold as a limited production kit, it is now available as an almost ready to fly version, saving you time and effort.  The Electrolyte you see here is one of the fastest micro jet’s around. The original prototype was the first micro EDF to exceed 100mph and is currently on display at the AMA Museum in Muncie Indiana.

The Electrolyte features a beautiful pre-painted fiberglass fuselage, with balsa wings and tail. Included in the box are two different vertical fin options. As this is a high performance jet, it needs to get into the air quickly, so they have even included a mini bungee launch kit in the box. The heart of the Electrolyte is the included aluminum shroud, 8 blade impeller, Dr. MadThrust 40mm EDF unit with 8000kv inrunner motor. This is the power system developed by Dr. Becker specifically for this model to give the best performance without excess current draw.

Building the Electrolyte will take a few evenings of work, I hope. Though it is an Almost Ready to Fly model, I suggest some previous model building experience. 

Flying the Electrolyte will be a real treat . I recommend using the included bungee kit for best launches. From there, its full throttle the whole way! High speed passes, point rolls on the deck, either way, its an adrenaline ride the whole time. 

Download Electrolyte Instruction Manual Here

Electrolite EDF Jet 40mm

Electrolite EDF Jet 40mm

• Almost Ready to Fly – Complete final assembly, install electronics and fly!
• Pre-painted molded fiberglass fuselage
• Includes Alloy Dr. Madthrust Fan and 8000kv motor optimized for airframe
• Magnetically secured access hatch
• Pre-covered wing and tail surfaces with two vertical fin options
• Mini bungee kit included to aid in launching
• Ultra high performance, capable of 100mph+ speeds
• Bungee hook and plastic landing skids

Equipments used:     

2 x Corona DS-633BP Digital servo

1 x HXT 900

1 x ESC YP 30 Amp

1 x Orange RX

1 x 3s Nano-Tech 1400 40c



Wing Span: 508mm
Length: 533mm
Weight: 210g
EDF Unit: Dr. MadThrust 40mm EDF w/8000kv Motor

In Summary, if you are looking for a cool small edf that look awesome! Don’t look any further, this is the perfect package.  It come with a nice manual that is accurate with prefect C of G. and Bungee system that make launching a breeze!  Also the finish of the fiberglass is perfect for maybe the canopy that I had to retouched for the magnet aligned correctly.