Fatshark Dominator SE

Fatshark SE

I finally got my hand on a set!  From Bangood!  Use this code to get an extra 11% off(10annv11)  It was valid on the 8 Sept…

I also purchased a Diversity RX v2 that is suppose to work good.  I will keep updating my impression when I get it.

Stay tuned, as soon I get it I will post videos with DVR view…

I’ve been using my Dominator v2 for about 2 years now, since they released them.  I still like them but this new player just release last week and I really like the orange and black look.

These new goggles are supposed to provide a visual experience that is close to the HDV2 goggles but at $200 less.  Almost maybe but not the same as the HD V2 are 800×600 and the SE are 640×480.

What is included?

Naturally it comes with the usual stuff;

  • Battery
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Case
  • 2 foam pads
  • Spironet antenna!
  • Set of -2 diopter lenses.
  • 1000mAh battery, I don’t use Fatshark battery usually, I make my own 18650 2s battery,
  • Raceband 5G8 Receiver module


  • 59-69mm IPD range (adjustable with sliders on the bottom)
  • VGA 640×480 LCD Display(HD V2 are 800×600)
  • NTSC/PAL auto signal selection
  • Modular head tracker bay (No head tracking module included)
  • Modular receiver bay
  • DC In: 7-13V for 2S or 3S batteries
  • Integrated DVR(latest DVR technology, where the file is saved automatically even if you forget to stop the recording before unplugging the battery)

Final Thoughts:

  • After using them for a few days, I can’t recommend them.  If you have a set of Dominator v2, stay with them…  The perform way better.
  • When it come to goggles, the best is you can find a set somewhere that you can try…  It’s a really difficult task to find a set of goggles that fit you well…
  • I sold mine 5 days after receiving them, unfortunately…  I’m back to my Dominator v2 until…  Who knows!