Folger Tech Prusa i3 3d Printer

FolgerTech Prusa i3 kit

FolgerTech Prusa i3 kit

This printer is getting a lot of attention on Reprap forums lately so i thought i’d post my quick review of it here.

If you don’t know what a Reprap or Prusa i3 is you can read more about them here:

Folger Tech sells their version of the Prusa i3 on Ebay and their website for $299 + shipping.

Acrylic Frame
200mm x 200mm x 180mm build volume
100 Micron print resolution
1.75mm Mk7 ‘style’ Extruder with 0.4mm nozzle.
Heated Print Bed.
Prints PLA, ABS, Nylon and more (TPE, PET.. etc)

What this ‘kit’ really is:
A box of parts that can be assembled into a 3D Printer. If you don’t like the idea of soldering, measuring or flashing firmware this isn’t the kit for you.


  • Unbeatable price! $299!!
  • 200x200x180 build volume
  • Heated bed included
  • Prints PLA, ABS and most other filaments.
  • Amazing print quality (when setup properly)
  • Highly Upgradeable


  • The Acrylic frame can crack if you over tighten the screws when putting it together. Acrylic also starts to go soft at ~80c.. Since you normally heat the print bed to 100c when printing ABS you need to make sure you insulate the heat from the Acrylic Y sled.(I used a piece of cardboard under the heated bed)
  • Every time you move the printer you will need to re-setup the printer (level the print bed… etc). I made a wood platform to medicate that.

I am EXTREMELY happy with this printer. I’m not sure you can find another 3D Printer in this price range with those specifications. Every negative thing you can say about this printer can be fixed with upgrades or add-on’s.

It took me about 6 hours from opening the box to be all done the build, ready for printing.  Unfortunately when I insert the  ramp pins in the Arduino, I bent a pin out.  Because of that my y axis was only moving one direction… It took me a few hours to find what was wrong until.  I was going crazy…   Until I did find that…  The joy of DIY!  Lesson learn, just be careful when inserting the ramp 1.4 in the Arduino as there is a lots of pins!

Early adopters had a few problems with the Manual but the latest ‘Rev B’ versions seemed to fix all that.  I follow the manual and I managed to built it with no previous experience with 3d printer ever.

The Folger Tech’s version of the Marlin firmware is maybe not the latest… I’m not sure, but it’s working perfect for me.

A few upgrades i’ve added…

LCD Graphic Smart Display Controller + SD card reader

A case printed with the printer for the LCD graphic display

A spool holder

To sum up:
If you can build a Hovership ZUUL… I highly recommend this 3d Printer.  A 3d printer is not a must but is definitely good to have if you are a DIY in the mini quad world!

If you need stuff 3d printed and don’t have one yet, look at my shop page or contact me with request.

If you have any questions just contact me

Tricopter printed with PLA


3d printed gyro

3d printed gyro

One of the first print(ABS):