Naze32 Cleanflight

As june 13th, I’m flying with those settings, in one word, I would describe it as AMAZING!

Quad: Hovership ZUUL(4s and 3s)

Firmware Version 1.9.0
PID controller 1
oneshot125 enabled
Looptime 1200
Roll P 5.4 I 0.030 D 35
Pitch P 3.8 I 0.020 D 25
Yaw P 11.0 I 0.050 D 1
Roll rate 0.99
Pitch rate 0.99
Yaw rate 0.78
TPA 0.40
TPA breakpoint 1400
RC rate 0.75
RC expo 0.75
throttle expo 0.00

There is a minimum amount of setup required to get a Naze32 Acro board up and running with Cleanflight. What I detail below is how i go about getting each new board running and flying in a new copter
Naze32 Flight COntroller