Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2

Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2

Lately with the new Headplay goggle, I was tempted to get one of those but I’m not convinced that I will like to fly with a big box on my face!  Now with Hobbyking new Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2, I could not resist at that price!  I order one with a FR632 Diversity 5.8GHz 32Ch Auto Scan LCD A/V Receiver.  For shipping, I selected DHL shipping…  Three days later they were here!  DHL is the way to go if you don’t want to wait for ever.


  • New design can be used with glasses
  • DIY FPV goggle kit for Head Tracker
  • 5” TFT monitor, with curved 3 X-magnifying lenses for superior FPV experience
  • Lightweight EPP foam goggle case, designed for face fitting
  • Neoprene light seal
  • Focal length adjustment
  • Quanum Multi-purpose Neoprene goggle glove with pockets for Head Tracker, switcher, FPV receiver and small Lipo pack
  • Adjustable head strap, loops for wire management



EPP Foam goggle case size: 162mm x 170mm x 102mm

Neoprene goggle glove size: 300mm x 230mm

5” TFT monitor resolution: 800 x 480 pixels

Format: PAL/NTSC supported

Supply Voltage: 7 ~ 13V

Focal Length Adjustment: Fresnel lens

Weight: 376g


My impressions:

I did a few flights with the goggle, they are not bad at all but for miniquad, type of flying around obstacles, I’m not sure that they are the best…  It’s possible to flight with them, but I prefer Fatshark Attitude and Dominator v2, they are about the same resolution but in a smaller screen, easier to scan the whole view and obstacle in your way, for example, a branch or a tree!  I just find that with me I need to move my eyes to much.  If you fly higher, a plane for example, I would say that it’s for more design for you.  I used mine with a CCD camera with good result, but with Gopro on my DJI Phantom, the image was strange, the middle of the image was washout and not good at all to fly with.  Maybe there is a way to fix that but I couldn’t fix it.   I would say that if you fly a plane with a CCD camera, this would be a good combo.  But myself I will stick with my Fatshark for now.



  • Good design
  • Feel good on the face
  • Unbeatable price/quality combo, can beat that!
  • Big screen for FPV plane…
  • Easy to assemble, under 15 minutes


  • Screen is too big for racing type of flying
  • Didn’t work good with Gopro on DJI Phantom
Quanum v2 Goggle

Quanum v2 Goggle ready to go.

Quanum v2 Goggle

Quanum v2 Goggle, easy to assemble!