RMRC Goby 180

When I built my QAV210, I was really impressed and I said to myself that I wouldn’t go any smaller…until ReadyMadeRC released the new Goby 180. It’s a 180mm X frame for $49 that is designed to let you set it up the way you want. You can configure it with plates on top or below, or stacked however it works for you. I went the compact way as a low rider! The X frame is 4mm thick and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  YES!  Mean business, there is no way to destroy it!  But if you do, they will replace it. The kit comes with the main, top, and battery plates, as well as all the aluminum hardware you’ll need to assembly it.

Here’s the list of the equipment I use:

Goby 180-2


In the case of this frame, there are many ways to build it, but I wanted to keep it simple and have a quad that was as light as possible and I didn’t want to go with a HD camera or anything.  I wanted it  light to win races!  If you elect to go a different way, it’s designed with flexibility in mind. Configure it the way YOU want, with options of putting the plates above, below, stacked, etc.


There isn’t much to it, it’s a simple build.  The key to success is to minimize what you mount on it.  I stacked my Dodo with a PCB board that gives me 5v for the Dodo and 12v for the FPV tx.

Goby 180-1

Value for the money:

At $49.99 for the frame, it’s a super cheap way to get a true “X” 180mm symmetrical design that gives you the ultimate flight experience.  This quad flies like you are playing a video game!


Again, this quad is an ultimate pilot dream machine to win races.  There is not really anything that needs particular attention.. just pick a way to built it to fit your equipment and go for it.

Flight time: 5-7 minutes, depends on battery use and flying style.

Suitability for beginners: As long as you know how to tune a Naze board, you should be fine.

FPV capability:  This is the sole purpose of this frame!

Value for money: Yes, it is a great value.

Strength: Definitely!

Goby 180-8-720


  • frame ready to go:  263 grams
  • frame ready with a 1400 3s:  378 grams


Cheers guys!  Have a good day and please subscribe to my youtube channel  and like my Facebook page to stay in touch for more reviews.  If you would like me to build this model and have it ready to fly for you, please contact me to purchase.

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