About a month ago(May) I was lucky enough to get my hand on a RunCam 3 and I really like it.  It’s maybe not as good as the GoPro 5 Session but definitely good enough to mount on a mini quad!  Unfortunately something happen with GoPro that made RunCam stop selling there RunCam 3…  RIP RunCam 3…

Runcam turn around with a complete new design that will probably make GoPro regret there last move as this new design as the potential to wipe all other HD camera mount on anything that fly and also any other FPV camera as this will do everything that we want with our FPV vehicle!

In a nut shell, the RunCam Split is the RunCam Mini with the hardware of the RunCam 3 that is mounted on a board that is the same size as a FC board.  If your quad have enough space to mount this, you are set!

The RunCam Split specification are as:

  • HD/FPV camera
  • 1080p/60fps HD recording and WDR FPV Cam
  • Exetremely Light Weight
  • Low Latency
  • Real-time audio output
  • File Protection feature,it can save the recorded file if the camera loses power.
  • FOV Angle of Field:  FPV FOV 130° / Recording FOV 165°
  • Video Resolution:     1080@60fps / 1080@30fps / 720@60fps
  • Video Files:                MOV
  • Image Resolution:    2 Megapixels
  • TV Output:                 NTSC / PAL Switchable
  • Interface:                    Micro USB / UART
  • Max Micro SD Card Supported64G(need Class 6 or above, recommend Class 10/UHS-I/UHS-II)
  • WiFi Module:            Support (Removable)
  • DimensionsPCB:      36*38mm / Lens Module 22*20mm
  • Power Input:             DC 5V
  • Working Current:    650 mAh
  • Weight:                      21g


So, what is the big deal!?


  • No more HD camera mounting on top of the frame! that’s huge save on weight as a GoPro Session is about 70gr.
  • CofG more centralized and more profile for a better aerodynamic.
  • The electronic board is mounted inside the quad for good protection.
  • latency is on par with the Eagle.
  • Settings can be changed from FC (connected via UART serial port), or through WiFi on your smart phone with WiFi module. It should be available in a future firmware update as a tab in the configurator.


  • No Superview for HD recording
  • In small confined quad to add a board on top of the Flight controller could near impossible i.e. Armattan Chameleon.
  • Not all builds can provide the power/current for the camera to work, as the Split requires a 5V/650mA to operate.  Good news as the Betaflight F3 has 5V/3A which is more than enough.
  • The small FPV camera could more sensitive to Jello.

Time will tell when we start to receive the Split if the RunCam Split stand to the inspiration but I am really hopping that it is as good as I think it will be.  The are suppose to start to ship by the end of June, Can’t wait!