Strix – AWK210

For over a year, I have built different frames that I could not support in making a review because they were just not good enough!  I built a Shendrones Corgi, it was a good idea with the Gopro Session in mind, but if you had to do any work on the frame, it was just a complete nightmare, enough said!  After that, I tried a Zuul Racehound V2, not a bad design in the past, but it is just too heavy and stiffness is lacking…  I really like the QAV210, but I sold it about 6 months ago.  In the past, I really enjoyed the ReadyMadeRC  Goby 180. It made me realize that I like X frame a lot!  But it did not have enough space to mount electronics in it easily.  I decided to give the AWK210 a try; it is an X frame design with good mount design for the FPV camera and has different mounts(1), mount(2) for the GoPro Session 5 AND it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame(main plate).

Here’s the list of the equipment I use:



Is a true “X” design, with quality hardware all around.  The flight controller holes are set at the standard 36x36mm, as well as the up and coming 20×20 mm size.  It is a super simple frame that makes it easy to do maintenance which is essential if you want to keep flying!

With the thick 2mm and 4mm carbon fiber plates, it is the perfect blend of durability and light weight needed for racing. Countersunk screws leave your main plate flat and level, which keeps your battery happy during the inevitable tumbles. Since repairs and changes will happen, I have also changed the stand offs to be knurled. This makes it easier to grip and they look cool, too. The main plate has a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


There isn’t much to it; it’s a simple build.  The key to success is to minimize what you mount on it.  I stacked my OSD right at the main plate with a 3d printed plate to protect from the carbon fiber that conducts electricity.  On top, I mounted the Revolt F4 and also used M3 Bobbins to make sure all vibrations are out of the equation.  I also used soft mount for the motors and longer m3x8mm screws.  Make sure that your screws don’t touch the winding.  For GoPro Session 5, I am using this printed in TPU…it fits perfectly!


Value for the money:

At $69.99 for the frame, it’s a good deal that gives you the ultimate flight experience.  This quad flies like you are playing a video game!


Again, this quad is an ultimate pilot dream machine to win races.  There is not really anything that needs particular attention.  Take your time and you will be rewarded with an amazing quad.

Flight time: 3-4 minutes, depends on battery use and flying style.

Suitability for beginners: As good as any other frames, but this one has a main plate lifetime warranty.  If you bust it, you will be able to get a replacement.

FPV capability:  This is the sole purpose of this frame!

Value for money: Yes, it is a great value!

Strength: Definitely!



  • frame ready to go:  317 grams
  • frame ready with a ThunderPower 4s 1300mah:  470 grams
  • frame ready to go with battery and GoPro Session 5:  541grams

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