Strix Screech / Bardwell FC

You want a good kwad that is amazing for freestyle etc… On top of all that, it is only 39.99 with all the TPU part!

The ready made rc is just amazing for the price and the value!

Welcome to the STRIX Screech. A fully modernized frame that is packed full of features which equates to one of the best values on the market today!


  • True X arm configuration
  • Fits most mini and micro cams on the market
  • GoPro Session and FPV cam TPU mounts made professionally by Twisted Quad Frames
  • Interlocking arms for added strength
  • 30x30mm or 20x20mm stack mounting


  • 235mm Motor to Motor
  • Carbon Fiber – 5mm arms, 2mm plates
  • Dry Frame Weight: 99g
  • TPU Mounts Weight: 21g
  • Propellers: 5″ or 5.5″ (with slight modification)

Parts used


  • Airframe: 99g/with GoPro mount, it come at 120g.
  • AUW: The Screech is flown with an AUW of ~350g depending on motor choice (includes all flight electronics and FPV gear, but without Lipo or HD camera). Mine is at 353g and 427g with a GoPro. 577g with your average 1300mah

  The Build

Not much to say, it’s an easy build with no surprise…  The only thing was to fit the Tramp in the back with the pig tail.  It was just a tight but it’s in there and won’t go anywhere!


It’s my new Kwad for 2018, that simple, it fly nice and is cheap to build! Mine came at 235 ready to fly!  If you have any question about the Kwad/build/parts, just ask on youtube in the comment section or on facebook.