Trifecta Mini


I placed an order with HobbyKing for the new Quanum Trifecta Mini frame.
With DHL shipping selected, transit from China to me was only 6 days... Not a bad option but be prepared to pay Custom fees.

After inspecting everything, it looked like the frame design is excellent for line of sight flying.
The plastic seems to be pretty decent quality material.. Hopefully, it'll prove itself in the next few flights.

An area that the kit needs attention is the yaw mechanism:

This a great design,
but, on the one that I received, the tolerance was less than acceptable!

I had to sand the parts for a good 20 minutes to make sure that everything moves freely.  It needs to move silky smooth or your yaw movement won't be smooth and the servo will burn eventually.  Make sure that when you add the loctite to the screws that are metal to metal, you go gently with just a small drop, particularly for the yaw mechanism.  You don't wan't loctite to go gum the parts...

Also, the small springs for the tail locking mechanism flew off while I was attempting to assemble it.  If you insert in the frame where it is supposed to rest, it will hold in place, just be extra vigilant and you should be fine.

Equipment used:

Motors: 3 x 2206 'Baby Beast' motors 

ESC's: 3 x Afro 12A

Flight Controller:  Naze32,

Propellers: 3 x Gemfan HQ 6045 

Lipo:  Zippy Compact 1300 25c

Servo: 1 x 9G metal geared servo (TGY-9018 MG)

Radio: Taranis 

Receiver: FrSky D4R-II (CPPM)

"The review is not competed yet, come back often for updates and added content. "

Enjoy the build and the ride!



  • Fun LOS model
  • Compact when folded
  • Not expensive package
  • GoPro and Mobius mount included


  • Not really  good for FPV as there is not enough space to mount all the equipment
  • Camera is all expose in front in case of a crash
  • Not really any place to place FPV camera
  • Not much room for battery underneath.  I have 3d printed extended legs available here, this is a good solution to fit your battery! 


It's a fun model to fly and practice with but after flying for about 10 flights, I cannot recommend it for FPV.  If you want a good model for FPV, I would look more into the ZMR250 if you are on a budget.  If budget is not a concern, I would go with the Hovership ZUUL.


Video of my Taranis radio setting:

LED light added

LED light added


Ping Pong ball added with hot glue to raise the Trifecta for battery clearance


LED light added



Ping Pong ball on the front leg


Servo tester is particularly handy to center the tail servo


Tail arm ready to go


The yaw mechanism required sanding to be smooth. When done sanding make sure to drop some lubricant, in my case I used a Teflon lubricant


To install the spring, make sure to insert it in the arm to hold in position or you may risk to see it flying off, not easy to find! Don't ask why I say that!


The Baby Beast provide plenty of power on 3s with the Gemfan 6x4.5 prop


apply loctite when metal to metal screws are used. But do not apply to much, just a small drop. I like to use a ziplock bag and just dab the screws in it.


Mobius mounted on top. I'm still trying different position for the Mobius, not sure yet!


Clean tail section


View of the top section


Final product!

naze32 tricopter setup

naze32 tricopter setup


PID setting

PID setting