Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

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The tech world has been buzzing (going insane) about recently released Xiaomi Yi Sports Action Camera. The adjective that was used to describe it is a GoPro killer. Now with all that hype, paid media releases and other non objective articles by crappy paid bloggers it was inevitable that according to their articles Xiaomi created a zillion times better camera than a GoPro for a fraction of a price.

If you are here to read how this camera is a GoPro killer and other crappy rant, you can stop reading this review right away. I do not write those sort of stupid comparisons. I was not paid by anyone. I will not say cool stuff about a product that I have not tested, like many other people in this virtual space do.

If you are here just to see if a camera is really a GoPro killer, it’s not so here is your answer. There is no way that a normal person can think that a an 64-90$ camera can beat 400$ one. It is not realistic. It happens from time to time, but…

Has Xiaomi brought a new interesting product that is better than most other GoPro alternatives? – Yes.

Is it a perfect action camera? No.

All that to say that I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago and I’m still waiting for it.  Hopefully I get it soon!  I really think that it’s a good alternative to mount on miniquad!  At least when you hit a tree or a metal post, you don’t destroy a camera that cost as much as your model if not more!  Anyway while waiting, there is review from youtube that do a good comparison to a Gopro.

I can already tell you that I won’t sell my 3 Gopros but it’s nice to see different product!

Here is a video with my ZUUL, the camera is definitely good but the mic is definitely sensitive to wind noise. Have a look at the video!  For the price point, this camera is difficult to beat!