ZMR 180


ZMR 180

I had seen a few videos of this frame and it looked very fast! It just looked extremely quick for a 180mm size quad , so I knew I had to get one!  As it’s winter here, and we all need a winter project, I decided to get one from FPVModel.

Frame Specs:

  • Extremely high quality matte finish carbon fiber.
  •  Top plate is 1.5mm thick and bottom unibody plate is 3mm thick. Diagonal distance between motors shafts is exactly 180mm. Bottom plate is very stiff, I couldn’t find any flex at all. Very well done. Total frame weight including standoffs is 73g – very light.
  • MATEK Mini Power Hub (PDB) with 5v regulator to power the flight controller and 12v to power the Vtx.  This will be particularly good in indoor or smaller courses where agility is key to get that edge.


Choosing the electronics was a simple process.  Here’s the spec list:

The Build:

So, let’s get down to business! I’ll let some pictures do the talking, it really is a work of art!




Compared to a typical 250 mini quad sized frame, this 180 frame looks absolutely tiny. Despite the small size, it will allow for great acro performance and superb agility.  The built was easy to achieved.  The key is plan to keep the electronics to the minimum to keep it light to get great performance and this what I did.  The complete built was done in a cozy winter weekend with a cup of Joe!

For the ESC, if you are using BlHeli ESC like the one I’m using on this build, you will have to flash them to the latest firmware as of today(22/12/2015) v.  Go to this link: BLHELISUITE .  The only thing I usually change is to enable “Damped light” and to reverse a motor as required.  For the ZTW ESC, set throttle Min Command to 950 or less, mine is set at 920 to eliminate motor chirping in Cleanflight.

Value for the money:

For about $200, you get an amazing quad with the latest of everything.  The frame is extremely compact, but still big enough to install all the equipment required to fly FPV.  For any small frame like this, the key is to use only the minimum to keep the weight down.


  • frame naked: 73 grams
  • frame ready to go:  298 grams
  • frame ready with GoPro Session:  370 grams
  • frame ready with Session and a 1400 4s 65c:  553 grams




Well, what can I say? It’s a really, really nice frame for the price. I flashed the latest version of Betaflight.  It’s 2.2.0 RC2 now!   It perform amazingly!  But with the winter condition…  It’s not easy to get good video!  More to follow!

If you are looking for a 180 build – I would highly recommend this frame. I suspect that this frame should be as popular as the ZMR250.

Cheers guys!  Have a good day and please subscribe to my youtube channel  and like my Facebook page to stay in touch for more reviews.  If you would like me to build this model and have it ready to fly for you, please contact me to purchase.